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Our Farm :
“When it is understood that one loses joy and happiness in the attempt to possess them, the essence of natural farming will be realized. The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” 

By today's standards we are considered a large family. There are six of us and we all have our favorite (and least favorite) things to do on the farm. One thing is for sure : it takes all of us to get everything done!
After more than 20 years in HRM and worn out from the city life, James returned to his roots in Cumberland County. Born and raised in Fox River, James spent many years helping his parents with their family garden. He has combined his passions for healthy eating, gardening and working with the land to create a sustainable small farm.
When not studying about vegetable crops, self-sufficiency or working on a DIY project, you will find him with his nose in a Farley Mowat book.
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At 18, Josh finished grade 11 with honors and spent the summer working with the Clean Nova Scotia Youth Conservation Corp, with his position at the Joggins Fossil Centre. He would like to focus his post-secondary  studies in either electrical engineering
or software engineering.
He is a hard worker on the farm and can always be counted on to work hard to get the job done!
His favorite baseball team is the
Blue Jays, of course,
and he enjoys playing softball. He is one belt away from black in TaeKwonDo. His favorite veggie is Brussels sprouts.
Natasha is a fantastic help on the farm. At 16 years old, she divides her time between caring for the animals on the farm, working on her art projects and time with her family. Natasha's passions are animal care and artistic expression and she hopes to attend the Nova Scotia College of Arts and Design in the future. She has a grand champion rabbit and a cat for pets. She plays soccer and she is also one belt away from black in TaeKwonDo. Her favorite veggies are radish and cucumber.
At 14 years old Isabella is our outgoing and funny vegetarian. Like many girls, she is a horse fanatic and her dream of owning her own horse came true this spring when she purchased a pony. Hank is her best friend and she spends countless hours working with him. She plans on studying to be a large animal veterinarian and owning a horse ranch when she grows up. She loves pretty much all vegetables.
Magnus is Mommy's little boy. With his trademark long hair and dirty t-shirts, you can always find him anywhere there is soil to be tilled or things to be dug. For a 10 year old he can sure work hard! He had a wonderful summer playing minor ball  for the Sackville Hurricanes! He loves fishing, skateboarding and ANYTHING Star Wars. He wants to be a farmer when he grows up and he is saving his money for a dirt bike. His favorite veggies are carrots and corn.
Copper enjoying a spring afternoon by the riverside.
They think they're people.
Popeye and Copper were trying to hotwire the car to go on a joyride, most likely. :-)
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