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CSA - CLOSED for 2015 ...... Please check us out again next spring!

2015 Whole Food CSA Information

Do you desire fresh, delicious, nutrient dense food that is ethically produced on a biodynamic farm
and delivered to your door?

We are pleased to offer a comprehensive CSA membership that includes 
naturally grown vegetables, free range eggs,
100% grassfed beef, pasture raised heritage pork
and free range poultry.

This unique and limited CSA includes vouchers to
local, independently owned, natural food stores
 to assist you in achieving your healthy eating goals.

By keeping our membership numbers low
we can offer the freshest, best quality of whole food 
for you and your family and friends.

We have two (2) memberships sizes.

Full Share Membership is Perfect for :

  • families of three to five
  • shared between two smaller families
  • senior groups
  • communal groups (roommates)

Half Share Membership is Perfect for :

  • families of two adults or single parent and small children
  • shared between two friends or roommates
  • half share is simply just half of the quantity listed below (6 pounds of beef and 3 pounds of pork each month, half dozen eggs twice per month and half the vegetables)

ALL Memberships Include :

Weekly delivery of fresh, hand-picked vegetables
(35 week minimum)
6 to 10 varieties each week

Monthly delivery of delicious grass fed beef 
(12 months)
12 pounds/month
 lean ground, steaks, roasts and more

Monthly delivery of pastured heritage pork
(12 months)
6 pounds/month
chops, loin, ham, bacon

Bi-weekly delivery of pastured farm fresh eggs
(12 months)

Juicy, free-range turkey

Organic Fruits when in season from Maritime Farms

26 weeks of exclusive vouchers
for locally owned and operated,
independent, natural food stores
(to help you complete your healthy,
whole food lifestyle)
Give us a list of healthy items you are
looking for and we will outsource those
foods for you from small, organic producers
(breads, cheeses, teas, soaps, gluten-free products
baked goods/desserts, etc) 

Monthly farm newsletter

Recipes specific to
the seasonal vegetables and meat
in your deliveries

Save Money, Waste Less,
Eat Ethically and Get Healthy!
Vote With Your Food Dollars!

The stats are staggering:
  • Close to half of all food produced worldwide is wasted — discarded in processing, transport, supermarkets and kitchens.
  • In Toronto, single-family households discard about 275 kilos of food waste each year
  • Over 30 percent of fruits and vegetables in North America don't even make it onto store shelves because they're not pretty enough for picky consumers.
  • When people toss food, all the resources to grow, ship and produce it get chucked, too, including massive volumes of water ...water loss from food waste is like leaving the tap running and pouring 40 trillion litres of water down the drain.

Please email your name and contact info to
 if you are interested in more information on our "Whole Foods" CSA for 2015!

Full Share Membership
for full year is $5560.

$560 Deposit Due by April 15th.

Half Share Membership
for full year  is $2780.
$280 Deposit Due by April 15.

Late Registration Closes May 7, 2015.

There are Payment Installments on the Registration Form.
If you require another installment option please contact us! 

We have a very small number of CSA membership spots
 open this year.
We hope you will join us!


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