GoodLake Farm - Truly Local Food
Welcome to GoodLake Farm! 

Pork will be available in February so please get your orders in soon!

  Let us help you to eat well! 

Our family farm lies in the heart of beautiful rural Southampton. Discouraged with the produce in grocery stores, the ever increasing price and quality of beef we began producing our own food. 

We believe: "You are what you eat."    

We focus our efforts on creating healthy, nutritious food in the most ecologically sound and socially respectful way. Please explore our site, whether you are a customer or not, and enjoy all of the information provided.

Click the "Reach Our Farm" tab and send us any questions you may have. If you are interested in truly local, nutritious and ethical food that is produced on a small, family-owned Nova Scotian farm, then give us a try! 

Our Vegetable CSA Membership is CLOSED for 2014. Thank you! 

 RR#2 Southampton Nova Scotia

The greatest wealth is health.  ~Virgil
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